Thursday, 12 February 2015

Laura Mercier Bath & Body Soufflé Body Creme in Fresh Fig

I've been in debates whether to write this review as I suppose it's a little down to personal opinion but having just gotten out of the bath and used it again, I still definitely feel the same about it.

Today's post is about the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Souffle Body Creme in Fresh Fig.  I've already spoken about another one of these soufflés which I loved but this one just isn't cutting the mustard.

Just like the others from the line, it has beautiful, luxurious packaging.  The cream itself has a lilac tint to it and it's fairly thick and gorgeous to apply.  The problem I have with it is the scent.  It's hard to describe the initial scent but it's not too bad when you smell it straight from the pot.  The issue I have is within fifteen minutes of it on my skin the scent hanged from something okay to something that's almost mossy or mouldy.  I just don't like it at all.  I know this is all down to personal preference but if you can try this as a sample before you buy it I highly recommend you do it.  I would definitely not purchase another in the Fresh Fig scent.

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