Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Lecente Stardust Glitter: New World Collection

This week has been full of excitement and I have to admit that I was particularly excited to show you this preview ahead of their release at Excel on Sunday.  The New World collection of Stardust glitters by Lecente oh absolutely beautiful.  I have created a video on behalf of Lecente to introduce to you each glitter, click here to watch it.

This collection was inspired by Earth tones I'm truly each and everyone of them is stunning.  I shall show you each glitter over clear, white and black.

First is Starlight which is somewhere between a pale gold and yellow shade.  It has a slightly different texture to the rest as it has a slightly larger flake.  I myself prefer the more pale gold shades so this is perfect and I can see that this glitter will be popular amongst clients.

The next glitter is Cluster which is somewhere between pink and a lilac shades.  I genuinely adore each cola from this collection both I do think that this is particularly beautiful over the pale shades for the spring/summer.  Having said that I also adore the way it tends such a deep purple over dark shades too!

This next show you it is called Aurora which is a fairly bright orange with a hint of a green gold undertone.  The she have version you can see the green gold undertone with the orange however over the white it is more of an orange and the green almost takes a step back but then what is interesting about this glitter is when you apply to a dark colour the orange completely disappears and you are left with that amazing green tone. 

This next glitter is called Earth and just like the name suggests it somewhere between a green, a blue and a grey.  It's definitely a really interesting show you something different for the clients that don't want a typical pink or red glitter.  

The final glitter is called Eclipse which is somewhere in between a brown and a purple.  I personally think that this one is best over the dock at shades because I simply adore the dark purple effect that it gave the black.

The above photo is all five shades over clear.  I feel like this is a good way to show to your clients because it gives them an idea as to how the colour would go on top of all the shades as you can really see how opaque the shade is.

The above photos of the new collection over that white which I think is a good way to show how it's going with transform over a light shade.

Finally the above photo shows each glitter over black so that you can really get an idea of how it will transform over dark shades.  I actually love how much each glitter changes if you compare the light to the dark colour pops I'm showing you.  

I do hope that you found this post useful don't forget to follow me on Facebook to keep up-to-date with my latest posts!  If you haven't yet got your hands on the original Stardust collection - click here to feast your eyes on them - they're amazing!

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  1. Hi Karen, I noticed that Lecenté Stardust Earth looks very similar to CND Effect Emerald Mirage, are there any other Stardusts that are similar to an CND additive? I love the Stardusts, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on something very similar to what I already have...


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