Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Current Favourite Lecente Glitters

I wanted to get back into making videos again as for a while now things have gotten so busy that I couldn't have possibly set time aside regularly to be able to film, edit and upload videos so I wanted to put something together to start off with and what better to talk about a nail techs favourite topic, glitter. 

Although I have a huge drawer of glitter, my clients always adore Lecente glitter in particular and since it's one of the easiest to access (through Sweet Squared in the UK and lecente.com for the rest of the world) I figured I would choose a couple of my current loves and show you what I've been doing with them.

I do hope you enjoy the video, I've checked that all of the shades are still available on Sweet Squared at the time of recording it.  Please let me know what your favourites are and make sure you follow my Facebook page for tutorials coming up soon!

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