Thursday, 26 March 2015

My False Lash Secret Weapon

I've been putting false lashes on for over six years now.  I went through a stage at one point where as I wore them every single day for over two years.  It's funny as no matter how much experience I have in them, sometimes I still get it a little bit wrong so I have my own little tricks that I do to fix the problem.  There's nothing worse than having to reapply the lash, removing the old glue etc and starting again.

When you're learning to apply false lashes it's highly likely that you don't them close enough to the lash line.  Once it's started drying it's too late so something I do every single time is to take my eyelash curlers and gently clamp both my natural and false lashes in the chamber and press them together.  This gives an excellent, seemless result and is the best way of blending the two together - result!

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