Wednesday, 25 March 2015

No.7 Illuminating Magnifying Make Up Mirror

For years I've fancied a really good mirror with the lights around it.  Originally I would have loved the ones like a proper Hollywood dressing room but as that wouldn't have worked with the space I had, I eventually got the No.7 Illuminating Magnifying Make Up Mirror for Christmas the year before last from my husband.

With one side being a regular mirror and the other being a 5x magnifying mirror, I figured that it would be a all "all rounder" for everything I needed.  I like that the light is on both sides too and the overall finish of the mirror is pretty luxurious for the price.

When I first switched it on however I was disappointed and the light is very yellow and not a bright daylight like I was hoping for.  This means if I'm trying to apply make up using this light there really is no way of me working out the correct amount of product to use to get an accurate colour.  I would say that for this reason, it's only good to use in the day without the light.  

On the plus side, this mirror is amazing (and a little scary) for up close work like plucking your eyebrows or being a little freaked out looking at your pores close up.  I suppose, thinking about it, that the yellow light means you can sit fairly close to the magnifying side without being blinded as it's not too bright.

Overall I do recommend this mirror for close up "maintenance" jobs like plucking and applying eyelashes even but definitely not for make up with the light.

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