Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Personal Post: Today Is My 30th Birthday!

Well today is my 30th birthday so I wanted to do a post that's a personal post.  When I started LiverpoolLashes five years ago next month, I had no idea where it would take me.  If you want to read about how this all started, click the 'about me' tab below the banner. 

My intention was to never be personal, to not to let the online world see the true me as you'd see that I really am pretty average, perhaps on the quirky side of average.  I'm the girl that wears a white top for dinner and drips gravy or some sort of cloth-staining sauce on it the moment I lift my fork.  I'm the girl that opened a Swarovski crystal figurine on my birthday a few years ago, upside down and it felt straight out and smashed.  There's things I struggle with for example I can't read out loud publicly as the words just fall out in the wrong order and my cheeks will burn like the hottest day in summer.  I'm the girl who looks at elegant women and longs to be a part of that crowd.  If you've ever met me you'll know that this is exactly who I am and the truth is, I'm pretty under confident.  I do however, want you to know me.  I want you to know my sense of humour and I even like it when you all leave comments with my name in.
I've dreaded turning thirty.  People say that your twenties are the best years of your life so if that's true, I'm screwed.  I'm currently on a cruise around the Caribbean as I couldn't stand the thought of being at home for my impending doom (okay, I'm just being dramatic but it was originally how I felt!)  Recently my life has been taken in unexpected directions which has made me the happiest I've ever been.  I feel like when you're truly happy it gives off some sort of radiance from within that means you can conquer anything, wow if I could bottle it - I would! 

I thought I would talk about some of lessons I've learnt in these past thirty years because believe me, my younger self would never have believed I would be saying some of them now!

Never do things on impulse
Half of me wants to joke about this and say 'unless its something on clearance as a crazy price' but really I'm talking more about responding to other peoples actions.  In my younger days, if you crossed me you would have been firmly put into your place.  Now I feel a strange calmness where as I will go away, assess the situation and come back to it at a later stage.  That's not to say I'm perfect but I do know many people that could do with trying this one for themselves!  How many times have you come away from an argument and said 'should have said this!  should have said that!' That's probably because you don't feel you got your point across originally - so that's why you should have waited and gathered your thoughts! 

When it comes to any relationship, mirror the other person
I'm talking any type of relationship whether it be friends or love, give to them what they give to you and no more.  I've learnt this one the hard way, far too many times - believe me!  Whatever the relationship is, if it becomes unbalanced and one is making more effort than the other, it is never going to work out no matter how hard you try.  The simple fact is, if they want to make the time for you, they will.  That friend that perhaps you ask for them to go with you to something not so fun but they let you down last minute, yet you know that if you offered her a free set of nails she wouldn't be able to get to your house fast enough, it's time to mirror their attitude and not be so giving.  There are exceptions to my little rule by the way, of course if they are copying how you are with them, then it could be the loss of a beautiful relationship so I would occasionally offer more to them, if they don't buck their ideas up then it's back to mirroring them.

Don't compare your life to others
It's within us all to look at others the same age or similar circumstances and see what they have and perhaps, wish you had the same.  The truth is, that persons life may look perfect but if you were to talk to them they'd tell you at least five things that are dragging them down at any given moment.  I feel like you learn this more working in the beauty industry as clients confide in you.  You can see that they have the big house, the fancy car, the perfect children but when they open up to you you may find out that they're unhappy in their relationship but to the outside, they have an amazing life. 

Be kind
This is a big one for me and I'm unsure how to tackle this topic so I'll hit it head on.  At the end of 2013 something changed in my mind which meant I was very down.  There was no official cause that I knew of and although I realise I should have, I never went to the doctors and battled my way through it for the best part of around ten months.  I can't believe I'm putting this out there actually but I'm human and I want you all to know that.  Anyway for those frightening months I was very emotional and anything could have set me off.  Thankfully I rarely get a remotely nasty comment on You Tube or any social media.. but I knew that a throw away stupid comment could really harm me.  What I'm trying to say is, be kind as much as you possibly can, you have no idea what someone else is going through, only my very close family knew I wasn't right so you just don't know what someone else is going through.

Be eccentric now
This is something I read somewhere but it's totally true.  Don't wait to go crazy as an old lady, wear and look exactly as you want to now.  In my call centre days I wouldn't have even dared wear eyeshadow for fear of what others would think of me, although I wanted to.  I worried people would wonder who I was dressing my eyeballs for but now I don't care.  If you've ever met me you'll know I always have eye make up on for two reasons, one because I love it and two is because at this point I have that much of the stuff that I will not even make a dent in it unless I use it regularly!  My clients will arrive at 9am and I have a dark chocolate smoky eye and false lashes because that's just what I felt like when I woke up! 

Everything will be alright in the end
Situations happen in your life that can completely devastate you.  They will leave you crying your heart out, wishing there was some way that the pain will stop.  At that point you wonder how you'll ever be okay again but it will.  The dips in your life are always temporary and I believe that you have to go through them to feel the amazing highs of life as well.  Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright, it's not the end.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed today's post, it's taken me a while to write as I never know what to say and what you're interested in reading when I do go off topic but all I can do is be myself.  When it comes to birthdays I have a new attitude, growing old beats the alternative, dying young so live life to the full.

Love Karen xx


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, a truly inspirational lady. I can relate to alot of this. Enjoy the rest of your cruise Karen xxxxxx big hugs

  2. Brought a tear of two to my eyes. Wishing you the happiest birthday and hope you're enjoying the rest of your time off! Xx

  3. Gotta love the 'straight from the heart' stuff. Happy Birthday my lovely and oh, age is merely a number - this is coming from a 43yrold with 3 grandkids who STILL feels the same as she did at 18 ;) xx


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