Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sore Throat Solution: Tyrozets

Today's post is a bit different than normal as I'm recommending something that's not beauty related but I find not enough people know about them.

Sore throats are a pain.  They can stop you eating, even make you feel a bit sick.  Years ago my parents used to give me Strepsils to make everything better but I swear they're just a sweet.  Someone recommended Tyrozets to me and I've been buying them ever since.  

If you've not heard of them then it's probably because they're held behind the counter at the chemists and everywhere sells them.  They contain anaesthetic  to numb your throat and antibiotic to help fight the throat infection.  The numbing is fantastic and really does work as well!

Tyrozets are sold at virtually all chemists so they're definitely worth asking for if you're suffering.  Hope this helps!

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