Thursday, 23 April 2015

Focusing On: Lecente Multi Glitter in Hot Lips

I saw someone asking about Lecente Multi Glitz Glitter in Hot Lips on one of the Facebook groups that I'm in.   They wanted to know what would be the best colours to team this glitter up with.  I must admit that I myself was a little bit unsure of what colours would be better for it so I have put this post together with a couple of ideas so that you know what it would look like a light, bright and dark shades.

Hot Lips is one of the Lecente's more unusual glitters because it is a combination of red glitter teamed with finer, grey toned holographic glitter.  The pairing of two different sizes makes glitter a little bit different.   One of my favorite color combinations is red and grey and with a hilarious name like Hot Lips, I had to purchase it.

I wanted to show you at over a light shade so I chose CND Shellac in Bicycle Yellow, medium but unexpected colour choices like Beckoning Begona and Cerulean Sea and a dark shade which is Overtly Onyx.

To be honest I don't think that the  photo above does the Colour pops justice but my particular favorite is the one with Beckoning Begona, if you have these two products you need to try it for yourself.  

I hope that this is given you a few cool option ideas for you to explore further.   If you would like to see more 'Focusing On' posts, click here.  Please don't forget to make sure that you are following my Facebook page for open dates on my latest nail designs, tutorials and reviews.

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