Monday, 20 April 2015

Focusing On: CND Shellac in Desert Poppy

I appreciate that what I'm about to say sounds a little ridiculous but when it comes to choosing a new nail colour my eyes naturally stay away from orange shades and I just don't know why, they look fantastic on medium and darker skin tones.  The aside when I do finally get the orange shades down I do really like them, particularly Tropix and Desert Poppy so today I thought I would focus on Desert Poppy.

Desert Poppy is a stunning orange with a hint of a pink tone with fine gold shimmer that I don't think I've given the time of day it deserves before!

I'll go left to right with each colour pop that I did.

  • Firstly I applied two coats of Dessert Poppy and then i burnished CND Additive in Haute Pink into the entire nail. Using a blob of top coat I dotted on a design, cured it and then removed the excess Additive to reveal the design.  I finally finished it with a top coat.
  • Next up is two coats of Desert Poppy cured.  I then took a small square of gold foil and crushed it, then I dabbed it into the sticky layer.
  • With two coats of Dessert Poppy cured I then applied a layer of Cerulean Sea, carved a design and cured.  Using Lecente Stardust Glitter in Milky Way I brushed it over the nail.  I particularly adore this combination!
  • The next Colour pop is Lecente Baby Blue Iridescent glitter over Desert Poppy.
  • After that is two coats of Sun Bleached, the second being uncured.  I then dabbed Desert Poppy and Locket Love into it and cured.
  • With two coats of Desert Poppy cured I then applied a strip of Black Pool down the side walls and cured.  I patted Lecente Black Holographic Glitter into the black, ensuring it split over into the orange for a uneven effect.
  • The final Colour pop is another Favourite with two coats of Desert Poppy cured I then took striping tape and placed it crossing over itself over and over again.  With CND Additive in Ornate Halo I applied it to the sticky layer, removed the tape and sealed with a top coat.

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