Friday, 24 April 2015

Holographic Make Up Bag

There's something about holographic objects that draws me in.  I think if there's something I like or want, I get fixated on having to have it (which can be a good or bad thing!) A couple of years ago I got obsessed with wanting everything to be green, like Shellac "Lush Tropics" by CND.  In the last two years it's holographic things but I haven't owned anything, until now.

I thought I would show you my bargain clutch bag from ASOS that I will actually be using as a make up.  It's a zip around bag so it's extremely secure for even the smallest objects like eyelash glue and since its reduced from £18 to £9, it's an absolute bargain.  

Just incase you did want another option though, I did order this bag which is still full price but at £18 it's hardly breaking the bank but it does hold a lot less in it.

My friends have reminded me how old I am like I've outgrown holographic things but I simple don't care, I love them so I had to share my bargain new make up bag!

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