Friday, 3 April 2015

LiverpoolLashes 5th Birthday

Believe me, I never thought this day would come that I was celebrating five years started I started LiverpoolLashes.  It's literally crazy to me that it's been that long!  

It's funny how things go.  If you'd have asked me six years ago what I wanted to do with my life my answer would literally be "earn enough money to be able to go places and do things but I'm not too fussed at what sort of job I do."  Well of course then I had worked in my call centre job for seven years so it was highly likely that I would have been there another seven years or more.  I would look around the room and see people that had worked there for as long as thirty years which there's nothing wrong with that if you're happy but many werent.  

I really wish you all knew me before.  I think you'd possibly find it interesting as to how crazy it is that I've gotten here.  I've shocked myself that I did this because although I'm by no means a quiet person, but I do struggle to believe in myself.  Even the first college course I did, I seriously considered just not turning up for it and letting them keep my money.    Can you imagine how different things would have been if I had?  At that point I had already been making You Tube videos for six months so that would have still happened but apart from that, I would still be doing the same job and living the same life.

The main point of this post is not to pay myself on the back but I'm going to admit that I am celebrating and learning to accept what I have achieved however it's more to point that you can do it.  If you believe in something so much then I do feel that you can make wishes a reality.  My best advice would be to never let quitting be an option.  It's too easy to give up when you're tired and frustrated but the determination will see you through.  

If you do want to read my full story, it's in the "about me" tab that's directly below the banner.  Make all of your dreams a reality and here's to another five years... And more!

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