Monday, 13 April 2015

NOTD: Mystic Purple Nails

After various failed attempts at different designs, none of which I was happy with, I finally came up with this which will do until I have the strength to change them again!

I adored Lecente's Irregular Shapes which that sadly they don't do anymore but totally should.  I only like to use a few of them in Shellac as I find that the chunkiness of them will make the nail too uneven otherwise but of course they're perfect in enhancements.  I wanted to make sure I definitely used them in this designs so then matched up CND Shellac in Tango Passion and Creekside with it alongside Lecente Purple glitter.

To create the middle nail I wanted to make sure I didn't just cover the entire nail so to ensure the blue shows through, so I wrapped a piece of striping tape around my finger and focussed on applied glitter to every other stripe in not a precise me this which gave me this effect.

If you can see, I also applied three little irregular shapes to the Tango Passion nails to tie the look together.

I am fairly happy with what I did but I'm not utterly blown away by them, truly be known but it still may give you some inspiration for your nails!

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