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Candlewick Greens Wax Melts

I feel like I say this all of the time but if you know anything about me it's that I love my scents.  My clients always compliment me on my home fragrances as they pass through heading towards my home salon, I've even had delivery drivers tell me "it's smells nice in there!" when I've opened the front door.

liverpoollashes candlewick greens wax melts

Candlewick Greens kindly sent me a parcel of goodies to review for you which, given that I adore scents, I was more than excited about.  Their brand hand pour wax melts and other delights that blow Yankee Candle and other wax melt brands out the water.  I feel like personally, Yankee Candle are only good for sniffing in the store and directly from the unlit jar at home.  When it comes to actually filling the room with scent they typically fail miserably (no offence if you're a YC fan but I'm just speaking the truth!) 

liverpoollashes candlewick greens wax melts

If you're unsure what the wax tart world is all about then you have two options, you can either burn them on a wax burner with a tealight below or you can use the much safer option of an electric burner so it's flameless.

The above photo is of their "Tubby Chunks" in Raspberry Beret which looks delicious with its colourful pieces in, topped with a sprinkle of glitter.  I would say the scent is a little bit of a more sour raspberry than a sweet one which is good for those who don't like the super sweet scents.  

liverpoollashes candlewick greens wax melts

The above photo is a "Scent Shot" which are typically what I would use.  I would say the fragrance kicks in after about 15 minutes of burning it which is fantastic. Most have give off fragrance for around 15 hours which is a brilliant amount of time given the size of them!  

Once the wax is no longer giving off a scent you then either wait for it to cool and pop it out or carefully pour it into something like an old carton, then discard.  

I just wanted run through a few of my favourites Scent Shots:
  • Amish Quilt - A gorgeous fresh linen fragrance.
  • Autumn Day - A lovely clean apple fragrance.
  • Pink Chiffon - A sophisticated fragrance that kind of reminds me of a Next perfume although I don't know which.
  • Sicilian Lime Grove - Literally like a delicious lime Grove.
  • Birthday Cake - Perfect name for it however I must warn you that it's so super sweet and realistic that it's probably not an ideal scent for someone trying to lose weight like myself!

liverpoollashes candlewick greens wax melts

With every order you do get a free samples to try out as well which is a good way as you may find you're new favourite scent!  You could even mix a bit of one in with a bit of another and make your own!  It's so much fun to do to custom make as required!

liverpoollashes candlewick greens wax melts

I hope this review has been useful.  Definitely go and check out Candlewick Greens website out.  It's regularly updated with new stock and it's created and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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