Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colour Matching: Pearly Green (And Other Options)

So if you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that this morning I posted about a photo of the sets of nails that I saw on Instagram.  They were beautifully done but it was particularly the colour that I liked.  I was talking about turning into some version of a nail tech / Goldilocks hybrid and how I love experimenting to create the same colour are using CND Shellac and I'm like "no, too green" or "too gold" and then "ahhhh thats juuuuust riiiiiight."  

I had a few suggestions from some of you as to how to achieve it and I do feel like one of them was pretty spot it (although it may not appear it on these photos but in 'real life' it does!)  It's always hard to capture how beautiful colours are but trust me, although the other attempts that weren't quite right they are all worth doing on colour pops for your clients to choose from!

So from left to right of the above photo, they are all two layers of CND Sage Scarf (apart from the first which is Mint Convertible and CND Additive in Hydrangea Bloom) cured and then CND Additive in Emerald Mirage, Lecente Milky Way, CND Additive in Green Gold Sparkle and finally CND Additive Hydrangea Bloom.  Of course it's either the first or the last one that I do feel is possibly even the combination that the nail tech used but for a sparkly version of it then the colour pop with Lecente Milky Way is pretty similar.  My nails are barely grown out but it's beautiful shades like these that make me want to remove the lot and apply one!

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