Saturday, 30 May 2015

Empties: May 2015

When it comes to empties blog posts, I can never work out whether I am happy that I have finally gotten through things or that I'm gutted, particularly when it is more expensive things.  Since I'm a complete perfume addict, I obviously have an awful lot of them but as it's been getting out of hand so I've tried to focus on using some of the perfumes up,  despite me loving them and for that reason it's sort of makes me sad that I've gone through three perfumes this month - I now don't have them as an option to wear.  I realise this is totally crazy but it is the honest truth!

So I'll start off with Philosophy Luscious Lime Shower Gel.   I had wanted to try this so badly but almost begrudged paying that price for a shower gel so I was delighted at the time when my friend and my husband both bought me a bottle of it as a Christmas present.   Unfortunately when I started to use it I realised that really it was no more special than Original Source Lime shower gel so although I enjoy the smell of it, I wouldn't repurchase it.

Next up is Origins Drink Up Intensive moisture mask which I only had in a miniature version.  This moisture mask is absolutely fantastic, it really does hydrate and it smells gorgeous.  As soon as I used this little sample up, I actually went and bought the full size of it which I think is a good measurement as to how much I actually do like it.

Next I have Miss Dior Cherie which is probably the perfume I most sad about, possibly because it's the most expensive.  Someone did actually tell me that they had stopped doing this perfume and I was completely gutted but when I looked it up it was just that they now just call it Miss Dior.  This perfume is very modern but also sophisticated and I just think that it's an all round favourite of mine.  Once I have used up a lot of my perfume is I will definitely repurchase another bottle.  

The next perfume is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy which is at super sweet, very young scented perfume.  I do still like this perfume but I have to admit I have moved on to more sophisticated scents.  I do have another bottle of this that I have to use up but in terms of me buying it again, I probably would, but only for somebody else as a present.

The next perfume is by Mark Williamson which there's not really much me going over it with you because you can no longer get it.  It was a very pleasant scent and was more on the sophisticated side.

The AHA retexturising cream which is a Walgreens only brand, is absolutely fantastic.  I do have a backup of it and if you do have access to Walgreens store then I do think that it is worth picking up for the price.  It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth within a couple of hours.

Finally we have the Seventeen Miracle Matte pressed powder.   Due to the branding behind it, I must admit I didn't have very high hopes for it however this powder did work fairly well.  As I do have  oily/combination skin, I do find that the oils will eventually start coming through but this would be a good powder to have with you for the price.  I would therefore repurchase it if my Rimmel Clear Complexion wasn't available.

I do have more empty is coming shortly as I am definitely trying to work through a lot of my stash and in general reduce a lot of things down!


  1. Good job finishing your empties! I have so many perfume empties to work through. Dior Cherie is such a pretty smelling perfume!

    Would love if you check out my blog! I just wrote an empties post too!
    Raincouver Beauty

  2. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is really a great choice. I bought this perfume for my wife from a local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh, the smell was really pleasant and refreshing. Thanks for sharing this post.


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