Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Focusing On - Lecente Stardust Glitter in Starlight

The moment I saw the New World collection of Lecente stardust glitters, I knew I would love Starlight.  When it comes to gold and silver, I always choose silver because I just think that I don't typically suit gold tones however to me Starlight is the perfect mix between gold and a pastel yellow.  It is also a slightly different consistency to the other stardust glitters in the collection, it's almost has a little bit of a flake to it that makes it a really interesting texture.  

liverpoollashes lecente new world collection stardust glitter starlight cnd shellac

I am a big fun of having certain places in your collection that you could literally put with anything and it would be amazing, A few others of those to mention to you are Lecente Golden White and Capri.

liverpoollashes lecente new world collection stardust glitter starlight cnd shellac

Let me tell you that the five colour pops featured in the above photograph are amazing.  I have made a little video clip of these glasses just to show you how gorgeous they all when they move in the light (click here to watch). 

From left to right they are CND Shellac in Salmon Run, Limeade, Cerulean Sea, Tango Passion and Gotcha.  Although Starlight has got a little bit of a chunk to it, it will still allow for the colour underneath to show through.  I know that no matter what shade you used underneath, it would make beautiful layering combination.

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  1. I've got this one, love this, I'm off to my room to play x great ideas x


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