Monday, 4 May 2015

Heatless Curls

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I went through a stage of being totally obsessed with curly hair.  Last year I struck a deal with hairdresser who is a client of mine so that when I did her nails, she would give me a curly blow dry. Eventually I grew tired of this and really got that out of my system but I watched a video recently that showed heatless curls so with today being Bank Holiday and I had nowhere to go, I decided that I would give it a try for myself as it looked really straight forward.

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To start off, my hair was clean and blowdried straight last night.  I'll go through the steps that I did:

1) I put my hair into a fairly high ponytail.
2) Taking small sections of my hair, I slightly dampened them and twisted them around my two fingers.
3) I then took a clip and secured the loop so that it just hung down from my ponytail.
4) I repeated this until all of the hair was clipped up.

The video I watched said that she normally leaves it's around 45 minutes to dry but of course this really depends on the thickness of your hair, how big a section you use and how much water you apply to it.  I left my hair for around two hours because I figured there is nothing worse then wasting that time, removing the clips to find your hair is still damp and you've just wasted your afternoon as the curls drop out.  I do think it's pretty hard to tell when your hair is properly dried so on a low setting I did go over it with the hairdryer, allowed for my hair to cool and then removed the clips.

Overall I am fairly happy with the result.  I do think that I would make sure that they were less sections next time for larger waves.  I think that this would be fantastic for summer hair without having to mess about with hot styling tools and of course, it would dry a lot faster in the warm weather as well!  It would also be brilliant for children's hair when you don't want to use the harsh heat on it! 

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