Monday, 18 May 2015

How To Easily Curl Your Own Hair

Today is more of a quick tip than anything.  I'm obsessed with curly hair, there's just nothing better than elegant waves, particularly in dark hair as it shows the natural shine off so much better.  With that in mind you'll know that I have been trying so many different ways to get my hair curly by doing it myself and I think I've finally cracked it although I  acknowledge my method is hardly rock science...!

Personally I like my curls to start from around my ear height, I just think it avoids looking like your a child going to your friends birthday party.  If you're like me, this will work great for you.  

No matter what heated tool you're using, all I do is part my hair into pigtails and tie it behind each ear.  If I want low down waves then ill curl it like this however if I want some of them to be a little higher up then I will section my pigtails into four and curl.  I find its so much easier to cope with curling small ponytails at a time as I can check that there definitely isn't any straight pieces.  I then just remove the bobbles when my hair is cooled down!

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