Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Work: Nude, Black & Shimmers

My friend Jade came over today to have her nails done, ready for a big night out this weekend.  She had picked to have nude and black nails to match her outfit and sent me a photo beforehand of the sort of nails she liked (well actually she sent me a ton of photos and I had to remind her that she needed to pick one to actually go with, the truth be known!)

For these nails I used CND Shellac in Bare Chemise, Black Pool, Silver VIP Status (discontinued but you could use an Additive) and Ice Vapor (Limited Edition but you could mix a glitter paste) Lecente Ultra finer silver glitter, silver holographic foil and genuine Swarovski crystals in Clear SS9 and SS5.

After completely her enhancements, I painted all nails in Bare Chemise apart from Jade's ring finger which I did in Black Pool.  Her thumbs then have tiny bits of silver foil in them which I did by scrunched a piece of foil up.  

Under the freehand patterned fingers is Silver VIP Status.  On her left hand I did add tiny dots of Ice Vapor on top of the design.  On the other nails I added dots going from smaller to larger and back and glitter to others.

I actually really adore these nails and more importantly, Jade does too.  I'm not usually a fan of nude shades but Bare Chemise was beautiful even with one coat. 
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