Saturday, 9 May 2015


After hearing so much about Pinterest around two years back, I finally made an account.  I must admit I wasn't too sure about it but the concept is great for giving clients ideas.

When I first started out doing nail art, I used to take photos and have them printed down at Asda.  I would then put them in an album for people to flick through for inspiration but the problem with that was that I was repeating the same designs over and over again.  

I then decided to get an iPad which I use to schedule my appointments on but then I also started storing pictures on my work on there with the same problem so I then started saving other people's work.  By doing this, it meant that I was actually being challenged by recreating other fantastic designs that I hadn't done before.

It was only when I finally got onto Pinterest that it meant I could make boards online that my clients could see but also I can make allocated themes like Christmas and Halloween for them to look through.  

If you haven't created an account yet, you definitely should for fantastic ideas and inspiration! 

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