Thursday, 14 May 2015

Update Review of the CND LED Lamp

I have been asked by a follower to write updated review of the CND LED lamp now that I have tried and tested this out on myself and my clients more.  If you missed my original post including my demonstration video, click here.  

liverpoollashes cnd led lamp review liverpool lashes

So firstly, I know that some have replaced their UV lamps with the LED on but as I only bought my lamp less than a year ago I am using it in conjunction with the LED lamp.  That in itself is pretty interesting because of course, one hand is using LED technology and the other is doing to UV.  I wouldn't consider myself to be a particularly fast painter, but I do find that when I do speed up it's brilliant because the hand is literally ready and waiting for the next application.  There are definitely times that the clients left hand (which using a the UV lamp) is actually slowing us down because they're right hand (LED lamp) is ready to go and I find myself waiting for it.    

I do love the overall design.  The only thing I'd say is that a few clients have managed to catch their thumbs as they put their hand into the lamp.  This is because effectively, the entrance to where the light is is slightly narrower than the chamber itself so you really have to concentrate and not catching your nail on the way in.  I must admit this isn't just a client issue because I did this myself at The Event 4.0 on where we first got the lamps.  However the major plus side about this new lamp is that you can use a little bit of D-sperse or acetone to remove any marks as it is acetone resistant.  
liverpoollashes cnd led lamp review liverpool lashes
It did take me a little while to get used to not being able to see the buttons when I'm doing my own nails, however now I know which one is which without looking by just feeling them.  I suppose it's really more of a change of habit.  

One of the biggest plus sides for me is how much space it actually saves on my nails desk, comparing it to the other side where the UV lamp is.  Although I do not offer a mobile service I can definitely imagine that the size and the fact that it's such a lightweight design would be a massive bonus.  With the amount of kit that our therapist needs to take with them I know that when I did do a mobile service, I would be grateful for anything to be a little bit lighter!

I really do notice a difference in the time it takes to actually start up and cure too.  I never really noticed it much with the UV lamp but with the LED being so instant, the hand has to be ready and waiting inside which is such a time saver.
liverpoollashes cnd led lamp review liverpool lashes

Overall, I'd say that so far, I haven't had any real issues with it.  It does what it says, it's fast and quiet and the sheer fact that the lifespan of it is huge means that I no longer have to worry about keeping a spare pack of bulbs with me all of the time.  I shall also remain to be blown away by the price on the lamp (no trade prices are given here, please check your supplier for details)

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