Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Deep Sea Nail Tutorial

I often go between doing nail designs and filming them or just doing them to show you a photo but today I was in the mood to put a little video together so here it is.  If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I'm basically obsessed with nautical and I have done many nautical nail designs.  I love the combination of blue, white and red.  

liverpoollashes shellac nautical nail tutorial deep sea nails

I fancied using a few CND Additives today so I wanted to make sure they were incorporated into it.  I say in the video, I think that doing little bits of nail art like this that has a little more freehand detail, particularly when it's something that you don't normally do, is a good way to practice.

liverpoollashes shellac nautical nail tutorial deep sea nails

Here is the tutorial, I do hope that you enjoy watching it!  Please do come follow me on Facebook, I post all of the time with my latest updates.  I'm also on Twitter and Instagram - search for @liverpoollashes

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  1. Hi
    Love sea things and nautical themes as well ( Pisces ). I've had to purchase a Mo You pro plate, after I saw your beautiful nautical manicure with bows and spots on, I plan to do this on a clients toes, THANKYOU for all the inspiration Karen. Xx


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