Monday, 15 June 2015

Focusing On: Lecente Stardust Glitter in Aurora

I adore the Lecente Stardust collection glitters, I can't get enough of them and I want them to bring out the entire colour spectrum of them.  I must admit however, the one I haven't used quite as much as the rest is Aurora.  That's not because of anything to do with the shade but for a long time I was deeply in love with Neptune, Milky Way and Cluster and I just couldn't see past them!

I thought it would be a good idea to showcase this fantastic shade without pairing it with the obvious orange tones to show what this bad boy can do!

Left to right on the above photo are CND Shellac in Tinted Love, Fragrant Freesia, Cerulean Sea, Bicycle Yellow, Wild Fire and Lush Tropics.  

My favourites that you have to try are Fragrant Freesia, Cerulean Sea, Lush Tropics and  all of the other shades.  Just kidding!  But I do like them all and you should definitely get this glitter out and play around with it.
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