Wednesday, 17 June 2015

MAC Eyeshadow in Sable

I am a eyeshadow junkie, everyone who knows me knows that I always have my eye make up and when I fancy it, eyelashes too.  I bought a MAC eyeshadow palette a while ago and it cost me a few hundred pounds.  I must admit I didn't use some shades for a while so it's only been more recent that I came across Sable.  

Sable is a hard one to describe but to me it's a brown with a red/maroon undertone that looks amazing in the crease.  I like to use it to blend with and then I will often add a darker shade like Satin Taupe into the centre of that to give even more dimension.  

As you would expect, the rexture of this eyeshadow is creamy and smooth and it applies so well.  I would consider this shade a staple in anyone's collection.

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