Friday, 26 June 2015

Nail Haul

Today I went up to Creative Academy Manchester to check out the new CND Contradictions Collection.  If you've ever been there that you'll know that when you go you can't help but walk away with loads of fun nail bits. 

It seems that they've discontinued a lot of the Dashing Diva range.  This is such a shame to me because I really liked it, in particular at their Accents line because they're really easy to apply and very effective.  As this is a public website I cannot reveal professional prices however the excess stock they are selling for a very reasonable price so I picked up of ton of them, some that I already have, so that I can offer them for longer. 

The other product I bought was a new Solar Oil.  I have this at my nail desk and use it a lot but the packaging with the rubber dropped is so annoying as it eventually breaks with the oils and now my old one cannot be used so I had to give in and buy a replacement.  I just really wish they made them some other way as this is the third I've bought but it is a good product.

Thats it for now but I am back there on Monday so who knows what I pick up then!

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