Thursday, 23 July 2015

Intraceutical Facial at Tracey Bell Dental & Aesthetic Medical Clinic

I was invited to visit Tracey Bell to experience their Intraceutical Facial that they had introduced last year, for myself.  Since hitting 30 in March it's really made me look at the way I treat my skin and given me more focus on ensuring that the moisture that we naturally lose with age is replenished in every way possible.  

Though I am trained to offer facials, I was extremely excited to try a Intraceutical Facial as it promised to hydrate, lift and tighten.  It is also meant to soften the visible signs of sagging and loss of contour, fine lines and premature ageing.

Having not visited Tracy Bell previously, I was excited to see the clinic and learn more about their procedures.  As I entered the reception area I immediately appreciated the quiet and calmness of their vast waiting area which is all tucked away below street level in a huge luxurious underground space, away from the hussle of the city centre.

After filling out my client consultation sheet I was greeted by my therapist, Jenny who ran through the treatment, the process and the end results with along with what to expect.

Jenny applied various products initially to my skin to clean and exfoliate, containing fruit extracts and they smelt absolutely divine.  She then advised me that this is a pain-free, relaxing treatment where as she would be using oxygen under light pressure with a lightweight version of Hyaluronic Acid contained within the Rejuvenate Serum that sits within a tiny chamber within the machine she used.  It is a combination of this along with vitamins A, C and E and also green tea that aim to give the appearance of a smoother complexion.

In extremely small but precise sections Jenny preceded to glide the nozzle across my skin.  It's difficult to describe if I could feel the air blowing on my skin more or whether it was an ever so slight vacuum effect but it felt cool but not cold and calming.  At no point was there any discomfort thorough the entire treatment.

My Intraceutical took approximately an hour to complete and at the end Jenny propped the bed up and handed me the mirror.  I almost had to do a double take because if you're a regular read of this blog you'll know that I'm currently losing weight and therefore, my face is slimming down but the area around my jaw in particular seemed to have definitely slimmed and lifted.  My skin was brighter, noticeably a lot fresher too and extremely soft.

Jenny advised me of the various treatment kits that you can purchase to continue the results at home which include the same serum that was used on me.  I think that this is a fantastic way to extend the results, inbetween appointments.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tracey Bell and I found myself enquiring about various other services they offer, in particular the laser hair removal and their Coolsculpting which is a non surgical fat removal.  I highly recommend the Intraceutical Facial and would definitely return back there for another session.

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