Friday, 24 July 2015

Sketchers Go Walk 2

Now let's put it out there now, I'm not a walking kind of person.  Well I say that, since losing weight I've been given these massive bursts of energy and as I can now move a lot easier it's given me the boost I need to exercise regularly to the point where as everyone jokes with me asking "where Karen has gone?!"

My friend told me repeatedly that I needed good shoes to walk in and I ignored her advice and carried on wearing my ballet flats on my walks up to my parents house.  Let me tell you, that was a huge mistake that I soon regretted after several days when the soles of my feet were virtually bruised.  I then bought a pair of Sketchers Go Walk on her recommendation.  

Now to be frank, I don't think that they're the prettiest footwear ever but I was willing to comprise style for comfort and boy are they comfy!  They're ridiculously lightweight considering that they're a full shoe.  I love that my feet feel like they're gripping the floor with each step giving me far more stability.

I think you would be best to try a pair on before you buy as I don't think the sizes are too accurate however, I did find the best price to be on Amazon so it's worth bearing in mind.

Overall, I absolutely adore these shoes and would recommend them to anyone needing a good pair of true comfort as they work out.

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