Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant

No woman wants to think about sweating and its a funny thing to talk about really but let's get real, it's summer (technically!) and I have been exercising a lot to lose weight.  I seemed to suddenly become immune to my previous deoderant so I needed something that could cope and my friend recommend the Sure Maximum Protection Anti Perspirant. 

This deoderant is a cream that you're meant to apply at night so it works whilst your resting and should still be effective even after a shower.  I did feel like that was weird at first as I only want to apply it after a shower and I don't always have a shower at night so sometimes I do just apply it in the morning.

The "clean scent" is very pleasant and I really liked it, it's completely non offensive and unisex really.

Onto the effectiveness though, my friend finds it works brilliantly for her but for me, it's not strong enough for when I'm exercising.  It's such a shame and it shows that it clearly works for some people but not for me so for that reason,I won't be repurchasing it and my search continues! 

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