Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Work: Summer Blues & Lilacs

My friend and client Jen came in today to have her fingers and toes done, ready for her holiday with her family.  Jen has moved from having classic pink and white enhancements to always having a colour over them and often glitter, foil or some sort of nail art. 

Jen chose CND Shellac in Wisteria Haze and Creekside.  I applied Lecente Iridescent Glitter in Baby Blue over Wisteria Haze which is absolutely stunning and something you definitely need to have a colour pop of, ready to show clients.  I printed a design from MoYou London Pro Collection Plate 23 in silver over Creekside.

liverpoollashes cnd shellac wisteria haze creekside lecente baby blue glitter
I've always loved Wisteria Haze since I very first saw it but honestly, seeing it on Jen's nails it's really given me the urge to apply it to my own next but we shall see!
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