Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Focusing On: CND Shellac in Tundra

One thing I like about what I do is that I'm independent, because I'm not brand associated I will happily tell you what I think, firstly being when I first saw CND Shellac in Tundra I wasn't a fan.  I think it's because from the photographs I'd seen it seemed like a relative of Strawberry Smoothie which doesn't get much affection from my clients.  When I went up the Creative Academy+ Manchester to see the new collection before the release I realised how gorgeous this shade is and wanted to put a couple of ideas together for it.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes shellac tundra

From left to right of the photo below:

  • Lecente Baby Blue Iridescent Glitter.
  • Rock Royalty carved and cured with a layer of Lecente Stardust glitter in Cluster.
  • Tiny pieces of hot pink and silver holographic foil.
  • CND Additive in Gilded Gleam fade.
  • Striping tape in a random pattern and then four CND Additives over it, Plum Love, Blue Heaven, Gilded Gleam and Haute Pink.

I really like how all of these turned out.  I hope you enjoyed this little post!  I shall do some more like this soon!  Click here to see all of my previous 'Focusing On' posts.  Don't forget to follow my Facebook Page to keep up to date with my latest videos, tutorials and reviews.

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