Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lecente Fireworks Collection

You have no idea how long I've waited to talk to you about the new Lecente Fireworks Collection.  I have had them with me since the middle of August, it's killed me to not be able to show or talk about these bad boys because they're seriously stunning.  I see that nail techs are crying out for more holographics so this collection is entirely that!  I did make a video for Lecente showing you all of the colours - click here to watch it and I'll have it linked at the end of this post too.

Each glitter is extremely fine, if you're familiar with CND Additive in Dream Lily, it's the same size as that.  I'll just go over each colour with you but you really would be best to see the video so that you can see how it catches the light as it moves! 

First up is Pop which is a beautiful purple with quite a lot of blue holographic flecks to it.  This shade is probably one of my favourites from this collection and a colour that will go down a storm through the autumn and winter in particular.

Next up is Firefly which is a shade that I instantly knew will possibly be most peoples favourite as it's along the lines of Dream Lily.  Its a light pink/ dusty rose colour with all of those holographic tones in it. 

The next glitter is Spark which is a super fine silver and the one I'm currently rocking with CND Shellac in Black Pool.  I adore silver, I just find it compliments anything you put it with so Spark will be a staple in my stash.

Next up is Crackle (you have to love the names eh?) which is a luxurious gold tone with all of the amazing other shades in that you would expect from a holographic glitter. 

This is Flame which is a mind blowing red.  When I looked at it in the tub I thought it was a gold and red mix, I would imagine there is gold in it but when I opened it up it's very much a red holographic but more red tones and not multi tones like the others which I love.

Last but not least, this is Burst which is a bright pink with the multi tones of a holographic glitter.  I always think the bright pinks are a winner with many clients as it's a mainstream colour but sparkly - who could resist that?

So that's the full Firework collection which are being launched at Olympia Beauty on the 4th October and should be available for sale online on the 6th October that via Sweet Squared or Creative Academy+ Manchester if you're in the UK and if you're overseas.  There are more glitters and two new foils being launched also which you shall see very soon!

Here's the video!

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