Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Lecente Look Class

I was invited up to Creative Academy+ Manchester to sit the first The Lecente Look class held there and I couldn't have been more excited.  It's lovely to have some dedicated time to play with nail art, I am in a fortunate position as part of what I do I often playing on colour pops for LL but for full time nail techs you just don't get the spare time to be able to do this.  

Our educator was Kirsty Walker who I've gotten to know pretty well.  Kirsty has a relaxed and calming way of training but is really thorough.  

The kit which is included in the course contains four Lecente glitters and one Lecente foil along with two of their nail art brushes.  You also are given a booklet with every design on with a step by step guide for each one.  Everything else that's needed to complete the designs is provided for you.  I don't mind taking my kit up to places but it's so much nicer to not have to pack everything up, all I needed to bring with me was my lunch!

The class caters for every nail tech, from the absolute beginner that hasn't yet incorporated glitter or foils to the nail that is used to doing fine detailed nail art.  As you can expect to create designs from a basic glitter fade and then they gradually get more difficult.  A few people have asked me to show the designs that you create but I feel like this is unfair to share as it not only spoils the fun if you're booked onto the class as you'd know exactly what you're going to be doing but it would be unfair to Lecente to divulge the designs that I have had no doubt took them many hours to create.

Doing a nail art class like this really gets your creative juices flowing again.  It gets me thinking about colour combinations that I haven't thought of and speaking to the other students on the day you bounce ideas off each other, it's fantastic.    Since it's a small group (there was 8 students in ours) it's the ideal opportunity to have a highly trained CND Ambassador with you to pick the brains of all day.  Not only that but once you've completed this class the support continues in an exclusive Lecente Students group on Facebook.

I'd love to see this be the start of other Lecente classes (do you hear that Maria?!) It would be fantastic if there was a high level nail art class and perhaps other techniques like one stroke, I would never be away from Creative Academy+ Manchester (well, I'm not in fairness anyway!) 

Overall I really enjoyed the class and I'd recommend it to anyone using any system.  I had only done my nails the night before but I will be taking these off pretty soon to get one their creations on them!  I've also found a new appreciation for Lecente Oil Slick foil!
More information about the class can be found here.

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