Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Work: Elegant Mint Nails

Jen comes to me every two weeks for infills of her enhancements and new CND Shellac.  Jen came to me ready for a fresh set of nails last night and I tried my best to entice her with nail ideas.  I'm proud of how far she's come, she came to me from another tech having only ever had constant pink and whites and now I couldn't even tell you when the last time was that she had them.

As Jen goes on holiday tomorrow she wanted something brighter and has been recently going for a lot of oranges and greens.  We decided to use the same glitter l&p mix that I custom blended for the Cinderella nails for another client as she loved it (it was mint glitter, Lecente Stardust in Milky Way, silver glitter and mylar flakes) and teamed that with my favourite opaque pink that I also mix myself (NSI Attraction in Radiant Pink and Purely Pink Masque - 50/50)  I also used CND Shellac in Sage Scarf along with a glitter mix for a rhinestone effect on the little finger.  Finally finishing off with MoYou London Fashionista Plate 04 on the thumb and ring finger. 

 I do adore these nails and more importantly, Jen does!  Don't forget to follow my Facebook page for future updates.  I'm also on Instagram and Twitter - search for @liverpollashes


  1. Slight mint is my favourite colour. So neutral and sophisticated at the same time! These green shimmer and silver hex glitter seem to work out together an eye-catchng nail special design.

  2. I do really like the simple art work and the glittery work. Both are admirable. Thanks for sharing it. I am going to paint my nails just like you with Harmony Gelish. A big thanks :)


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