Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Playing Around With Fireworks

So of course, the only fireworks that you should be playing around with is the recently launched Lecente Fireworks Collection.  I decided to have a little play with them this evening in my summerhouse whilst a load of fireworks went off outside (obviously some have gotten the date wrong, never mind!) but it was a very fitting background sound. 

I used four CND Shellac shades (left to right of the photo below) Peacock Plume, Fine Vermilion, Night Glimmer and Wildfire  to create the designs.  On each colour pop I patted every single Lecente Firework glitter into the sticky layer in a random order.  Applying a layer of CND Shellac in Clearly Pink and curing, I applied a layer of Black Pool over it and allowed it to air dry for a minute so that it thickens.  Really my main goal was for a fuss free firework like the far left colour pop but I carved a few different designs for variation just to show you.
liverpoollashes scouse baty blogger nail art lecente

This collection works so well together.  I will put a video clip of these bad boys moving so that you can appreciate how amazing they are, on Instagram so please make sure you're following me on there (@liverpoollashes)  Also keep up to date with my latest posts on Facebook too!

Lecente is available from Sweet Squared and Creative Academy+ Manchester if you're in the UK and if you are overseas.

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