Wednesday, 16 December 2015

CND Art Vandal Collection: Shellac, Vinylux & Additives

I've been so excited to talk about this collection as it's definitely a good one!  The CND Art Vandal is due to be released early January 2016 (date to be confirmed) with six brand new Shellac shades, seven brand new Vinylux shades along with a re-release of a shade that is a perfect pairing for the collection.  There's also five limited edition Additives. 

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd art vandal collection shellac vinylux additives
The six new CND Shellac shades are:
  • Magenta Mischief
  • Mauve Maverick
  • Untitled Bronze
  • Art Basil
  • Future Fuchsia
  • Digi-Teal
The new shades that are exclusive to Vinylux are:
  • Sienna Scribble
  • Irreverent Rose
The re-released shade to Vinylux is Tutti Fruiti which I don't think gets enough credit.  I adore it over Pink Bikini but you can actually layer it with so much.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd art vandal collection shellac vinylux additives

The five limited edition Additives are:

  • Exhibition
  • Lavender Whispers
  • Cobalt Clash
  • Confetti Kiss
  • Pink Twinkle
As usual, here it my comparison video to the existing colours - CLICK HERE
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I just wanted to also say a huge thank you to Creative Academy+ Manchester for allowing me to use their demo stock for this video!

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