Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Work: Black, Pink & Floral

Simone came to me for a fresh set of enhancements.  Originally she was going to go with my suggestion of grey and pink that I had for her for her last appointment but then she changed this to pink and black.
I used CND Shellac in Black Pool, Beckoning Begonia along with Konad Special Polish in Black and MoYou London The Pro Plate 13.  I adore Beckoning Begonia and I feel like the shimmer in it added something a little extra against Black Pool which is a cream shade.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes scouse beauty blogger nails acrylics shellac beckoning begonia and black pool pink and black floral

Simone typically requests a square or squoval shape so when I asked her this time her exact words were 'do what you like' and thankfully, she loves them! 
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  1. I need to get beckoning begonia me thinks! They look a lovely combo.

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