Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Work: Nails Fit For An MC

It's rare for me to show nails without nail art but since this colour is pretty unique I figured I'd show you anyway.  Jen is having a "old school" birthday party on Saturday with fancy dress that she's planning to dress up as an MC, she's had a printed hoodie and everything!  

To match her outfit she wanted some gold nails that were really going to stand out so I suggested CND Shellac in Steel Gaze (which on a side note, doesn't get as much love as I think it deserves) with Lecente Stardust Glitter in Lunar over it.  

The moment I applied the top coat, Jen loved it as it was exactly what she was going for.  The colour is really eye-catching and I'm excited to see her full outfit on Saturday whilst I parade around her party in my outfit with pink UV leg warmers, fishnet gloves and plastic jewellery myself!  
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