Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Work: Red, Black & Gold

Simone sent me a photo of a dress that she plans to wear over Christmas and asked me to work it into her nail design.  There was a little bit of a discussion lets say over my suggestion of adding the gold nail (she would be wearing gold accessories) as Simone wasn't too sure about it but when I did it she could see why I thought it was work well.
The products I used were:

  • CND Shellac in Overtly Onyx, Wildfire and Safety Pin
  • Lecente Glitter in Sleigh Bells and Flame (her thumb is black with a red glitter fade)
  • MoYou London The Pro Plate 13
I really enjoy the combination of these nails.  Overtly Onyx doesn't get enough love I don't think as if clients ask for black nails I do think the nail tech will just reach for Black Pool but I do always make a point of showing it so that it gets a look in! 
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  1. Aw Karen, this is gorgeous, when my nails grow I'm going to have to get a design like this, glitter, leopard print and shiny black is just stunning.


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