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Slim Down Sunday: Week 30

I realise it's Monday...!  I am sorry for the delay with this post, I'll explain my week as I go through it and why I didn't post yesterday but for now, I'll tell you about the fun I've had!

Recently I have felt like my control over the weight loss has been a little unsteady.  Some weeks I'm really confident and keen to get on with it and then others I feel like I'm back to how I use to describe weight loss, like riding a mechanical bull and you're trying desperately to hold on. This week started with such enthusiasm, I knew I was going away next week so I wanted desperately to shift some pounds before then.  My plan of action was to try to keep my calories on the lower side and then I could afford snacks and exercise a lot.  From Monday to Friday I did 70k steps which I was pleased with so I knew I had done as much as I could in that respect.  The only thing was there was a big grey cloud hanging over my week in the form of three nights out and it was worrying me, how I would cope both with food and drink.

Whilst on my search for new low calorie food I found his Skinny Thai Carrot Soup in Aldi.  At 91 calories for half a pot I figured that I could eat half and then if I was really hungry later I could afford to eat the other half and still consume not too many calories.

When I poured it into the bowl (photo below shows it cold) it didn't look too bad, didn't smell like much but when I warmed it up it made it so thin that I really wasn't too excited about it.  I'm not one to waste anything though (hence why I got fat in the first place - haha) so I still decided to try it and it was delicious!  I went back to Aldi and bought four more pots!
I decided to unsubscribe from Evans, Taking Shape and Simply Be marketing emails.  There's nothing wrong with any of these brands, I shopped with them for years I realise that they do do smaller sizes but I am no longer limited to just them so I don't want to be hounded by them.  I've been clothes shopping a few times recently and it still shocks me how good it feels to be able to go around the "regular" sized clothing stores.

I have heard so many people losing weight blaming Christmas for not losing weight and I've only really understood it properly recently.  At the end of day, it's down to you what you choose to put in your mouth but the temptation is at it's highest at Christmas with all of the amazing party food.  A friend had told me that Costco mince pies are amazing so naturally when I went this week I had the fight between my wanting to lose weight and wanting to try these delicious pies.  In the end I bought some and put most of them in the freezer, they're huge and pretty bad on calories but I've even cut one into quarters just so I could have one quarter after my evening meal one night!
This week I had three nights out to go to.  The first was my husband's work Christmas party which I managed fairly well.  I avoided the buffet myself and drank Diet Coke all night but when he sat down with chicken wings I did have a couple of those, I couldn't help myself.  

The second was my friend's birthday which was a fancy dress party which an "old school rave" so I had fun dressing up with my neon leg warmers, fishnet gloves and accessories.  I even did my hair a little funky which you can't see on the photo.  Now, here's my explanation of why this blog post is late.  I kept to Pepsi Max all night however, I did have whatever I wanted from the buffet table.  I had weighed myself that morning (Saturday morning) and I'll get to that in a second but because of those results I just figured I would give myself the evening off.  

Somewhere in the middle of the night I realized that I shouldn't have done that and was very sick.  It was nothing to do with my friends amazing food but more because my body just isn't used to fatty food anymore.  It resulted me getting two baths in the middle of the night to try and ease the pains and vomiting.  I think at some point I even told myself I wouldn't go near another sausage roll for the rest of my life but let's face it, that's never going to happen.  
I was really sick for the majority of Sunday, there was no chance I would be able to have written a blog post.  Thankfully after a long sleep through the day I was well enough to go to see Mumford & Sons in the evening.  We had VIP tickets at the o2 box which once again involved a buffet and drink.  This time I was sensible, the food they have in the box is very sophisticated anyway, no sausages rolls there!
It's funny and a bit weird for me to see full length photos of myself as I never looked at all of me before.  I think that's another way of how you can get as big as I did, you stop looking so you kid yourself.  I've purposely included two of them in this post as it's only something I've started acknowledging in this last week or so but you can get an idea of where I'm up to with my weight loss.
So, the weigh in.  I decided to weigh myself on Saturday morning because I figured I could then relax for my friends party, as well as at Mumford & Sons.  I was so angry when I realized that for whatever reason this week, I hadn't lost a single thing.  Even now I don't understand what happened, I can only presume it's a combination of the fact I did a lot of working out last week and perhaps lost inches instead, coupled with that it was "that time of the month" (which if you ask me, has full intentions of screwing up our lives in any way humanly possible but I'm just bitter!) 

When you get a disappointing result like that you have two choices, carry on until you see the results or go and eat what you like, unfortunately I chose the latter and paid price!  Trust me, I feel like my lesson is learnt and I hope that that experience will help make sure I don't do it again.  

This week is a whole other set of problems.  Today I've been angelic with my food.  I have made a decision to go back to the Slimming World plan to see if that will help boost my weight loss again however, I am going to Poland tomorrow until Friday.  I do get nervous when I go anywhere now, just whilst I'm losing weight as I know I don't really have control over what I'm eating but I need to just relax over it.  When I get back, that evening I have Creative Academy Manchester's Christmas night out so there's something else that's out of my control although I'm really looking forward to it!  I want to keep control of things as much as I can but any small gain is quickly reversed.  I'm not sure if I will weigh myself next Sunday or just allow myself until the following Sunday to correct any gain.  As I always say, I make the rules here so I will see how I feel.  One thing for sure is, my determination is strong, I will do this.
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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  1. I never lose when I'm on, plus I always find that the excercise tends to show on the scales a week or two later! You look fab in your pics, I always tell my friend a full length mirror is the best motivation to keep going!!! x


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