Friday, 22 January 2016

NOTD: Enchanted Nails

I definitely do my nails according to my mood so whilst I was brainstorming this afternoon I settled that the mood was in was a little innocent and I wanted princess style nails which is not like me really(!)
Thankfully as I wanted to use one of the new CND Art Vandal Collection colours, the Shellav shade Mauve Maverick fit exactly what I was going for.  I teamed that up with Safety Pin and Lecente Stardust Glitter in Cluster.
liverpoollashes shellac mauve enchanted nails moyou

To finish my "enchanted" theme I used a new plate I bought from Creative Academy+ Manchester last week, MoYou Enchanted Plate 16 with a gold foil effect polish.
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  1. That is just so pretty! I am really loving the Art Vandal polishes- having so much fun with them

  2. aw this is such a pretty look, pink and glitter with the plate pattern is just so so pretty.


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