Monday, 11 January 2016

NOTD: Velvet Rose Nails

What makes these rose nails velvet I hear you ask?  No idea but it sounded better than just "rose nails" didn't it?!  I suppose I could have made them matte... but I didn't!  I always do my nails according to my mood (be frightened when I go all black!)  When I did my nails I wanted something a little sexy, a little vampy perhaps.  Originally I was just going to go for plain red until my stumpy thumb grew a little but then I've done CND Shellac in Wildfire that many times that it didn't seem fair on all of my other shades to do it again. 
I actually decided to pick a colour that has only ever been chosen once before, only last week actually.  That colour was CND Shellac in Scarlet Letter.  As I sat waiting for it to cure I thought to myself that I could jazz it up by turning them into roses so with the other hand I dragged my MoYou London Princess Plate 12 and decided to stamp over the red to make them into roses.  I like these nails as the darker red makes the print a little more subtle and it's only when you look closer than you can see them.  I think they'd be a great idea for Valentine's Day.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes velvet rose nails scouser blogger cnd shellac scarlet letter
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  1. Oooooh these are lush!! I haven't heard of stamping...I am V intrigued and wishing I'd heard of it before I had mine done last week! :D


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