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Slim Down Sunday: Week 36

This week I have been so determined, I knew I could do this to the end, I knew everything was possible.  Now of course anything is possible but sometimes you can feel like they're not so that's what I mean by saying I actually "knew it."  I had a fun week planned, well at least at the start of it which did involve food but I knew I could reign it back in when I returned home.

The week started with an overnight stay in Oddfellows Chester which is a really quirky boutique hotel for my husband's birthday.  I also had booked his favourite restaurant, Hickory's Smokehouse for lunchtime and I had no intention of counting calories all day.  
One thing I couldn't resist was having a milkshake whilst I was there as they're just so amazing.  I ended up having two of them which is totally overboard in terms of liquid calories but I absolutely deserved it so I enjoyed them anyway.  The one on the photo below is mint Oreo, it was absolutely gorgeous. 
On Monday we had breakfast and then checked out of the hotel.  With the buttery toast I had as well as a full English I had to reign it back for the rest of the day and had a light dinner that evening.  When my determination is strong I can do that, other days I just won't settle until I've eaten everything in sight.  

Someone asked on my Facebook page for me to list the types of meals I eat.  I'm basic when it comes to cooking but at the moment my meals are very lazy looking.  What I mean by this is I tend to buy pre-packaged foods that I know the exact calorie count on as I like to know where I'm up to.  It probably seems quite controlling but it's only the same as other weight loss methods.  I typically will have porridge, Weetabix, Heck chicken sausages or fruit for breakfast.  Lunch varies from a jacket potato with tuna to a chicken salad, soup, noodles, crackers and Laughing Cow spread, pretty much whatever I fancy and within my calorie count for the day.  Dinner will be either fish or chicken, vegetables and then whatever I fancy either rice, potatos, pasta or salad.  

I always work out in advance what I'm having to eat beforehand so if I'm within my calories and fancy a treat I have plenty of lower calorie ideas and I'm always looking for new ones.  My new find for the week has been Ben & Jerry's Mini Tubs.  They've been on special offer in Tesco, four in a pack of mixed flavours and they're two boxes for £6.  Each tub is just under 200 calories and they're a decent amount so I really feel like they're a proper treat.  That's the thing with calorie counting, I've actually never felt deprived as nothing is off limits but you have to be sensible and ensure that most of the calories are taking in are good ones.  At this point, to recap I am eating 1200 calories each day.

If you've never been overweight you'll not truly understand the extent of the problems it causes on your life.  My husband is a huge plane enthusiast so for Christmas I paid for him to have a flying lesson.  I knew there was height and weight limits and that I would want to go into the plane as well if I could so that I could take photos for him to look back on.  I actually thought that it would be no problems for my weight since I have lost five stone but one company told me it wasn't possible for me to get in!  

Anyway I finally went with Liverpool Flying School and paid for a four seater plane who were fantastic and we could even fit my mum in too for the ride!  Climbing into such a small plane is no problem for me now which is fantastic, before I would think I was nimble and then half way through a manoeuvre I would realise that my bum/legs/stomach/entire body was too big.  

I got some fantastic shots of Liverpool and the River Mersey so I thought I'd include them although they have absolutely no relevance to weight loss!

This Morning have been doing a feature all week about weight loss and it's been interesting to see others who have lost similar amounts of weight as me.  They also said only 7% of diets actually work which is a shame.  I suppose people get a certain point and then either start to feel happier in themselves and give up or they stop it after falling off the wagon as they just can't get their head to focus back on it.  Thankfully I know that I am in that 7% now, I never was before but this is finally the time it's worked for me, nothing will stop me.  

The photo like the one above always makes me feel funny looking at them.  I look and I can't believe it's me.  I do bitterly regret not allowing photos when I was at my biggest as I have limited pictures to compare to but I look at shots of me now and I just can't get my head around it.  I also think those photos are funny anyway as where on earth are you meant to look?!  Do you smile?  Do you not smile?  I have no idea!
Everything was going fantastic until I got to Saturday.  I'm not going to lie, I had been hopping on and off the scales all week and monitoring how I was doing and this was spurring me on until Saturday when I suddenly went up again.  Now, thanks to the lovely Jen who follows me on My Fitness Pal who has now named these Saturday episodes I have as "Self Sabotage Saturday" - I can see this is starting to become an annoying pattern of mine.  In order to try and push away the negative thoughts I did everything I could think of, I went shopping so that I was out of the house, I ate low calorie foods so I could have more of them and I started blogging to distract myself.  I didn't feel like anything was working so in the end I decided to get out my old jacket and take some photos to show myself what I have achieved which I think, was what finally made me behave myself again and I've included them all in today's post.
When I used to look at myself from the side I had a huge stomach so the above photo is a massive improvement.  Of course I'm not completely there yet but it's these type of visuals that make you realise your dreams are possible and that you just have to stay focused.
So now for the weigh in this morning which is fair to say, I'm hacked off over.  Admittedly I know you're not meant to scale hope but it probably didn't help.  For some, they take it really bad if they scale hop but I do think that it generally works for me as I'm boosted when I can see the numbers drop as the week progresses and if the numbers don't or they go up I know to behave myself.  Well this week that method backfired because I was looking at between a 2 - 3lbs loss by midweek which then got blown to smithereens when I weighed in officially this morning and found out that it was just a pound.  Now I know a pound is a pound, it's a loss and I get there but how on earth did that happen?!  I'm fuming about it.  So I did what any fatty would do, I went and ate a load of chocolate. 
Don't worry, I'll be fine and totally back onto it tomorrow as I start my gym workouts for the week.  My plan of action is I'm weighing myself in the morning to check the damage that I did today with today's 'colourful' food choices and then I'm having my husband put the scales in his car so I can't be tempted to check.  Either way I am less than I was, a new lowest weight, 14 stone 4lbs (five stone and 1lbs down in total) and I am still heading towards my goal.
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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  1. Ahhhhh yay! Ace blog. It is really important for anyone embarking on this journey to appreciate there are emotional highs and lows and that you can have "treats" as long as you apply some balance and make the choices to move off more than you scoff most of the time.

    If anything, tis better as you don't feel deprived!

    That jacket is a brilliant idea :D Well proud of you getting back on it straight away - here is to Motivated Monday!


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