Sunday, 7 February 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 39

Let's call this what it was, a week off plan again.  I struggled last week and once again I've not been on it again this week.  I've had all good intentions but I feel like the pressure I put on myself has worked against me and I tend to crack and go back into my old ways.   Every now and again I worry about losing my control over food again and ending up back at nearly 20 stone.  Now of course, worrying wont help matters and like I've said quite a few times, it's realising that I am actually in control of this is the thing that will make the difference. 

This week has been somewhere between managing to just about stay within my calories and then most days I would then lose my control and binge eat.  I just think it's because I've gotten close to my next goal, hitting the 13 stone mark so I've started adding in a double dose of self sabotage to make things difficult for myself.


One meal I have been enjoying is actually a lamb dish which I don't typically like.  My friend Alex introduced me to Asda's Shepherd's Pie Rosti which is delicious and only 233 calories.  I did buy the fish pie from the same range at Asda but it was water and fairly disgusting to the point where as I just actually put it in the bin.

When I'm in the right mind set I don't even give unhealthy food a sideways glance but I can see that my mind isn't on it because this week I have found myself literally forgetting I'm meant to be losing weight which is absolutely terrible. 

I don't want to make excuses for anything but any sort of emotion and I tend to crack and throw healthy eating out of the window and I truly need to pack it in.  I just need to focus on my goals and realise that this is within my grasp and capabilities.
As I've said from the start, this is my weight loss journey, I run the show so I decided to not weigh myself this week because there is literally no point, I know I've put on weight.  The truth is I couldn't have weighed in this morning anyway but I figured that I could get my focus back as of tomorrow morning and look to work off this temporary gain to reduce whatever it is by next Sunday.  Now these posts have always been 100% honest so I will tell you that I was going to consider taking Orlistat which was prescribed to me which I was at my heaviest and I still have quite a few tablets left.  They would be good as if you know their side effects, you get a terrible 'slap on the wrist' if you misbehave with them but as the day has wore on I have decided that I am strong enough to start fresh in the morning without them.  I am incredibly busy this week so I believe this will help me have a successful week.  I'm not going to say 'fingers crossed' or anything for this upcoming week but I shall be entering it with positivity, I have a bikini body to achieve (I'm joking really, those days are over but it would be nice!) 
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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