Sunday, 21 February 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 41

Well the struggle continues.  My head wants to be slim and I think there's a part of me that is really enjoying my current figure so I'm getting a little bit lacks with it although I acknowledge I could definitely be happier a lot thinner - I certainly do have a way to go.  It's such an ongoing daily battle between wanting to be slim and some days I will manage to keep within my calorie count until the evening time and then I'll go mad and eat all kinds, it's ridiculous and frustrating.  On the rare occasion I will manage the full day but of course, it's is the rare occasion I am no longer losing weight and either staying the same or slowly gaining it.
It's easy to get really down about the fact I have been at virtual standstill for weeks with my weight loss but that's not going to help so in my mind I just try to be conscious of what's going on.  The last thing I want to do is stop weighing myself completely because ignorance is definitely not bliss and before I know it I will be close to where I started again and I refuse to let that happen.

Some days I try to make healthier choices without actively counting calories, those days help me mentally as it takes the calorie counting focus away and brings it more to just eating a little more sensibly compared to the days where I can binge on food.

I will tell you that today I weighed myself. If you remember, I was spot on 14 stone at my lowest weight and I think the potential of being so close to the 13 stone mark mentally threw me off - totally self sabotage.  I am currently 14 stone 10lbs which I definitely didn't want to admit but hey, these blog posts are all about he truth.  I do believe with the right mindset I can be down a good few pounds within the next week so I will see how I go, no promises but right now I'm living week to week.
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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  1. Never forget how far you have come. Those healthy choices are your choices and they are choices you've learned to make during a slog of a journey.

    Wishing you a week in the zone where choices are easier. I almost threw myself off the wagon in style over the weekend; not all choices were good as my head wanted to say "But you're on your holidays!" but my gut said "Yeah, and it is weigh in on Monday!" :S

    The biggest well done to you is that you keep posting. There are all kindsa posters up at SW showing that the scenic route to ones goal weight is more sustainable too. So that's good :D


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