Tuesday, 15 March 2016

NOTD: Neutral & Rose Gold

I find it interesting how when I'm doing my own nails it really reflects my mood.  I spent a while deciding on the combinations for these nails as I wanted them to be something I was really happy with.  After playing around with various ideas and a gorgeous pale gold to pair with the neutrals, I suddenly changed my mind to use rose gold to compliment the shades.
The colours I used are:

CND Shellac in Clearly Pink, Naked Naïveté, Rubble, Field Fox and Beau as well as Lecente glitter in Babydoll and Rose Gold.  Also I have a copper / rose gold foil that I've had for a long time (no idea where it was from I'm afraid) that I used to complete the look.
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I'll go over each nail:

  • Thumb - CND Shellac in Beau with Lecente Babydoll over.  I then applied a layer of Clearly Pink over the glitter to seal and cured it.  Using a Lecente detailer brush I painted Field Fox onto the sides of the nail to create the glitter strip, curing and finishing with a top coat.
  • Index finger - CND Shellac in Naked Naivete with the copper / rose gold foil scrunched and tapped into the sticky layer.
  • Middle finger - CND Shellac in Rubble and then a glitter paste (a mix of top coat and glitter) with mainly Lecente Babydoll with a tiny amount of Rose Gold glitter for good coverage and then I did dots in a semi circle.
  • Ring finger - CND Shellac in Beau with Lecente Babydoll over. 
  • Little finger - CND Shellac in Field Fox with the same glitter mix as the index finger.
I adore this combination, in particular the thumb as its really eye catching.  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more nail ideas - @liverpoollashes


  1. Like the shade of your index and ring finger. I will also try it with my CND Shellac shades.


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