Wednesday, 23 March 2016

NOTD: Red, Gold & Prints

I always crave red nails, they're my favourite, they're a statement and they're bold.  I must admit that I do feel obliged to always have something a little different on my nails each time and not just a straight colour, despite me craving plain red nails.  To me, red isn't just for Christmas but my problem is whenever I want to jazz it up I always seem to turn it into a little bit festive so I was determined to not do that with this set.

I used:
  • CND Shellac in Black Pool, Locket Love, Wildfire, Cream Puff & Bare Chemise.
  • Lecente Fireworks Glitter in Crackle
  • & Lecente Stardust in Milky Way.
  • Sascha Gossen Yours Plate
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes nail art ideas cnd shellac lecente glitter
  • Thumb - CND Shellac in Locket Love with Lecente Crackle Glitter.
  • Index and ring finger - CND Shellac in Wildfire
  • Middle finger - CND Shellac in Cream Puff with Lecente Milky Way glitter and stamping.
  • Little finger - CND Shellac in Bare Chemise, glitter paste using Crackle glitter dotted on and cured.  Black Pool for animal print.
I'm convinced they don't look Christmassy and I'm absolutely delighted with them!  Please make sure that you're following my Facebook page for new ideas and I'm also on Instagram and Twitter - @liverpoollashes

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