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CND™ Creative Play™ Nail Lacquer

I've been so excited to talk about the new CND Creative Play Nail Lacquers launching 9th May 2016.  Sweet Squared kindly sent me a few prior to the launch for me to trial them and tell you my thoughts.  
liverpoollashes karen carter cnd creative play nail lacquer
The moment CND Creative Play was mentioned I read quite a few nail techs asking whether it would replace Vinylux which of course it isn't, it has been created in addition to Vinylux to cater for every different client requirement.  
  • Creative Play is your traditional short wear nail lacquer
  • Vinylux is your long wear nail lacquer
  • Shellac is your semi-permanent colour.
Creative Play is specifically aimed at the type of client that wants to change their colour as they change their mood.  It's also perfect for the type of client who can't necessary have a more long lasting service for work or their lifestyle so it means there is an exciting option for them also.

The range consists of 80 bright shades across 10 different finishes which are cream, metallic, multi-colour glitter, holographic glitter, shimmer, pearl, satin, metallic glitter, transformer and micro glitter.  Although the colours aren't designed to match Vinylux or Shellac, personally I do think you could get a similar match on a few of them if clients wanted different systems on their fingers and toes.
liverpoollashes karen carter cnd creative play nail lacquer
CND have ensured that each bottle features an advanced brush design.  It has approximately 400 bristles which make the application smooth and precise, I found it really easy to control.
Creative Play is a three system which you apply one layer of base coat, two layers of colour and one layer of top coat after P.E.P.  I really like that the base coat is a milky tone as this works to blank out the clients nail bed a little therefore giving the colour coats a brighter appearance as well as masking any clients who may have a particularly brighter free edge which can sometimes show through other nail polishes.

Each bottle contains 13.6ml of product.  The base coat should give you 100 applications, the colour coats should be 60 applications/ 30 services per bottle and the top coat should give 56 applications.  


liverpoollashes karen carter cnd creative play nail lacquer royalista

The shade above is called Royalista and is as stunning in real life as it is on camera.  I was impressed with how quickly each layer dried.  You are to apply thin layers but the base coat was extremely fast, I would say that both the colour coats and top coat were very nearly completely touch dry by the time I got back to the first nail that I painted, although I allowed another few moments before applying the second coat and then finishing with the top coat.  Creative Play is removed using CND Nourishing Remover or Acetone which I did with minimal effort.

Creative Play also work well with nail stamping.  The shade "Polish My Act" is a silver metallic that is so highly pigmented that it's perfect for stamping and when I applied it to the nail it was pretty much full coverage with one coat.  

My overall thoughts are that I really like this new range.  At first, if I'm brutally honest I thought I had everything I needed with Vinylux and Shellac but I really like the Creative Play formula, the colour range and the fact that it still dries at such a quick drying time with a glossy finish to the point that I would will to get a few more when they launch as I know the red would be constantly on my toes.  Obviously trade prices are kept for professional eyes only (see your distributor) but it wipes the floor with other professional brands with a potential for you to retail to your clients too.  CND Creative Play is definitely one to check out for yourselves!
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