Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Solution To Taking Photos Of Your Own Nails

I have heard so many people say that they get their partner, friend or children to take their nail photos for them.  That's fantastic for those people but I am ridiculously picky and being the diva that I am, I want them to just magically know how I like the photo taken, it needs to be a certain way or it will drive me mad!  Side note: I recognise that I am displaying "control freak" qualities here but I'm sure many know exactly what I mean!
liverpoollashes lazy arm primark the solution to taking photos of your own nails
I know one lady who used to take fantastic photos of her own nails using the timer on her phone, various different objects to balance it over her hands and take them herself but everytime I did it it was an epic fail because the phone would create a shadow or it was often tip over onto my hand.  

When you're not looking for solutions you often find them and I was mooching around Primark a few days ago and noticed that they sold something called a "Lazy Arm" for £4.  I always see gadgets like this and dismiss them immediately as the fact that it's called "lazy" just told me I didn't need it until I thought about it properly.

liverpoollashes lazy arm primark the solution to taking photos of your own nails

This bad boy is designed to hold any phone with a strong flexible cord that has a sturdy bulldog style clip to clamp to a desk or other thin surface.  It works fantastically clipped to my nail desk because I can happily play with the angles easily by bending the arm as I want it without having to faff about balancing it somewhere, therefore giving me the exact photo I wanted.  Honestly this thing should be about £10 and I know elsewhere it would be easily more but at £4 it's a must for nail techs!  Mine is black but you could get a pink one in my local Primark.  On the plus side, I will often bring into in the house and use it to hold my phone whilst I watch You Tube videos whilst chilling on my reclining chair....!!  I shall also admit that it's fantastic to clip onto my bedside chest whilst I lie in bed watching films so it's definitely multi-use!

If you don't have a Primark near you then if you search online for 'lazy arms' I have noticed they're available elsewhere.  I hope this helps!  Don't forget to follow my Facebook page for future updates!  I'm also on Instagram and Twitter - search for @liverpoollashes

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