Saturday, 28 May 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 55

Finally another successful week of weight loss!  Trust me this feels like a miracle because there was definitely a time throughout these last few months that I thought I had completely lost it and would be back weighing 19 stone or more.  Also losing weight along side someone of a similar weight can be helpful, particularly if you live together as you can eat the same things and motivate each other, which is definitely part of my success this week.

Returning back to the low calorie foods that I used to love has been fab, I think because I haven't eaten them for a while they're back being interesting and fun again as well as I want to start trying a few different meals next week to keep my going and make my meals exciting.  

Finally just before weigh in I had started to feel like me again.  I'm not quite there yet but I feel a lot more slimmer and people have also noticed and commented.  It's funny how it doesn't take that long to get back to a place where I'm more happy and gaining my body confidence back.  

This week I lost 3lbs which brings me to a total lost since I got back from holiday just over two weeks ago of 8.5lbs so I'm delighted and relieved.  I'm hoping to have another good, well planned week where I get further towards my lowest weight again in time for the summer weather, I just know I will feel more comfortable then.

NOTD: Holographic Blue & Floral

It was time to switch up my nails but my time was limited.  I didn't want anything super complicated so I decided to use CND Shellac in Beau and do a glitter fade which is what a lot of my clients have been choosing recently.  
Using Lecente Holographic Glitter in Turquoise it gave a beautiful eye catching fade but I wanted to add a little something extra so I chose a Yours by Sascha Gossen Plate with a floral print that had a complete edge to each floral to stamp over the tips and add that "wow factor" and I really think it does.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes shellac cnd beau lecente holographic glitter turquiose elegant nails art

These nails are so basic but effective and I can see many clients asking for the same now in various colours!  Please make sure you're following my Facebook page for more design ideas, reviews and tutorials.  I'm also on Instagram & Twitter - @liverpoollashes

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 54

I would say that I have been 85% good this week which is a first for me recently.  I've upped my salad game and trying to make sensible choices.  I've even started doing some of the meals I used to do a year ago when I started this like my pizzas using Weight Watchers tortilla wraps which are delicious.  

Emotions have been high this week which will always play a role in weight whether that's stuffing your face or losing your appetite.  Towards the end of the week my appetite had disappeared which was a blessing really as normally I would be binge eating.  

This week I'm pleased to say that this week I have lost five and a half pounds so I'm back on track heading towards where I was.  I'm delighted as I am starting to feel less bloated and a little bit more myself.  

Friday, 20 May 2016

NOTD: Pink Tones & Silver

You may have noticed that I posted two Nail Of The Days I quick succession, that's because my middle fingernail on my right hand is one of life's let downs and often decides to snap.  I had my navy sparkles on for less than a week when that bad boy decides to break epically and bitterly take a huge chunk of Shellac off the rest of the nail.  
I decided to keep the silver glitter thumb and ring finger as they were un damaged (for reference they were CND Shellac in Silver Chrome with a layer of Lecente Fireworks in Spark, then a layer of Shellac Clearly Pink and then some CND Additives in Shimmering Silver over it) and work with those.

The colours I chose were CND Shellac in Pink Pursuit (index finger) Hot Pop Pink (middle finger) and Gotcha (little finger.)

To tie in the silver theme I applied some holographic silver foil into my index finger.
liverpoollashes cnd shellac hot pop pink silver gotcha pink pursuit
I love how I've switched my dark coloured damaged set into something bright and summery.  Hot Pop Pink and Pink Bikini always make me feel really girly as well! Please make sure you're following my Facebook Page for updates on my latest posts, reviews and ideas.  I'm also on Instagram and Twitter - @liverpoollashes

Thursday, 19 May 2016

NOTD: Navy & Sparkles

I'm getting terrible at naming these nail designs, I know, please forgive me.  After having my fairly pale peach nails with  gold and the delicate print I really wanted a proper colour.  As usual I was craving red but I settled on navy and I wanted to make some of the nails extremely sparkly.  
I used CND Shellac in Indigo Frock, Black Pool, Cream Puff, Silver Chrome, Clearly Pink and Peacock Plume along with Lecente Firework Glitter in Spark and CND Additive in Shimmering Silver.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes shellac cnd indigo frock silver navy

My thumb and ring fingers have CND Shellac in Silver Crome and Lecente Firework Glitter in Spark over it.  I then applied a layer of Clearly Pink over that which I cured and used my CND additive in Shimmering Silver to add to the sticky layer to create a super sparkly holographic silver, finishing with a top coat.

My index and little fingers are Indigo Frock alone.  My middle fingers are Black Pool with polka dots using Cream Puff, Indigo Frock and Peacock Plume.

I know that these are hardly summer nails but I'm really pleased with them, particularly how sparkly the glitter nails turned out.  

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 51, 52 & 53

I returned back from a fantastic trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA & Palm Springs on Wednesday this week.  I did plan to blog whilst I was gone but life got in the way and I didn't get up getting around to it with all of the travelling and sight seeing we did.  That aside I will go over the last few weeks for me and tell you where I'm up to.

Before I went away I had to go and buy shorts as I have gone down many sizes since last summer.  That aside I knew I had put on quite a lot of weight since I clearly have taken my eye off the ball for quite some time and I just felt a lot bigger. 
In general when you go away or even just eat out its hard to eat healthy but going to the States when they have loads of amazing foods it's hard to resist but within a couple of days the combination of eating delicious but fatty foods and he fact I have put on quite a bit of weight meant I was back to feeling uncomfortable with my clothes and unhappy with myself.  The shorts I bought didn't get worn and I lived in the most flattering dresses that I own.
On a few evenings I did opt for salads which made me feel less bloated and eventually a few days later I was actually feeling a little bit better about myself.  I think that this was finally the kick started I needed as I genuinely felt and could see my shape changing back to the way it used to be.
When I returned home it was pretty late on Wednesday so I just had some crackers and went to shops to pick up basic food which was mainly salad, chicken, fruit and vegetables.   Going back to the truly healthy foods instantly has made me feel so much better.  I'm embarrassed about the weight I've put on but with my new found focus I'll be right back to my lowest weight within 6 weeks I'm hoping and then I can continue until my goal weight.