Friday, 20 May 2016

NOTD: Pink Tones & Silver

You may have noticed that I posted two Nail Of The Days I quick succession, that's because my middle fingernail on my right hand is one of life's let downs and often decides to snap.  I had my navy sparkles on for less than a week when that bad boy decides to break epically and bitterly take a huge chunk of Shellac off the rest of the nail.  
I decided to keep the silver glitter thumb and ring finger as they were un damaged (for reference they were CND Shellac in Silver Chrome with a layer of Lecente Fireworks in Spark, then a layer of Shellac Clearly Pink and then some CND Additives in Shimmering Silver over it) and work with those.

The colours I chose were CND Shellac in Pink Pursuit (index finger) Hot Pop Pink (middle finger) and Gotcha (little finger.)

To tie in the silver theme I applied some holographic silver foil into my index finger.
liverpoollashes cnd shellac hot pop pink silver gotcha pink pursuit
I love how I've switched my dark coloured damaged set into something bright and summery.  Hot Pop Pink and Pink Bikini always make me feel really girly as well! Please make sure you're following my Facebook Page for updates on my latest posts, reviews and ideas.  I'm also on Instagram and Twitter - @liverpoollashes

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